It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the Korean Cultural Center of New York Website. Due to your continuous support, we have been able to rebuild our site in order to deliver convenient access to our resource and information.

The Korean Cultural Center NY lives through the many artists and academics from Korea and serves as a platform to globally promote our arts and culture. We strive to offer the creative public a place of encounter, experience and knowledge in the world’s capital of media and culture, New York City.

With specialized programs, sponsored events and various educational resources we are devoted to create opportunities for our visitors to embrace the Korean culture. For instance, our outstanding performing arts program is established to bring talented individuals to our New York audience; Gallery exhibitions allow artists to showcase their ideas; film screenings expose Korean movies and documentaries to a diversified audience.

Your comments and support have given us the courage to achieve new projects and to build bigger goals for the future. Our new website is designed to affectively communicate with our visitors, and we are open to assist you with any questions or comments. If you have any inquiries please refer to our website on how to reach us, and feel free to subscribe to our newsletter for updates and information on our events.  

Thank you for your continued interest and support and we cordially invite you to visit us at the Korean Culture Center NY for hands-on experience of Korean culture!

Thank You.