Call for Applicants: The Korean Consulate General seeks Short-Term Assistant Translators

The Korean Consulate General of the Republic of Korea is currently seeking short-term translators to assist with the 69th UN General Assembly. The selected will be translating language press materials and articles from English to Korean.

1. Application Guidelines

  • Open Positions: Up to 5 open positions (US and Korean citizens both accepted)
  • Project duration: 9/20 (Sat)-9/25 (Thurs)
  • Must be fully bilingual, able to translate from Korean to English

2. Responsibilities

  • Hours: Full-time
  • Pay: Will be disclosed during the interview round

3. Application Requirements

  • Forms: Resume (Korean or English), Photograph (for ID purposes)
  • Application Deadline: Sept 18th, 2014 (Thurs), 5 pm EST
  • Please send all information to:

4. Review Schedule

  • 1st Round: Application form
  • 2nd Round: Translation test and interview (9/19)

* Those who have passed both rounds 1 and 2 will be notified individually

주뉴욕총영사관 단기 번역요원 채용

주뉴욕총영사관은 제69차 유엔총회 기간중 신문, 방송 등 미국언론매체 번역을 담당할 번역요원을 아래와 같이 채용할 예정이니 많은 응모바랍니다.

1. 채용내용
  • 인원 : 5명 내외(국적제한 없음)
  • 근무기간 : 9/20(토)-9/25(목)
2. 근무내용
  • 근무시간 : 풀타임
  • 보수 : 면접시 통보
3. 지원서 접수 및 선발 관련
  • 제출서류:  이력서 (사진첨부)(국문 또는 영문)
  • 접수기한 : 2014.9.18(목), 오후 5시 마감 (EST)
  • 접수처:
  • 선발방식
    - 1차 : 서류심사
    - 2차 : 번역시험 및 면접(9.19)
* 1차 합격자에 한해 개별통보 예정