All events take place at Korean Cultural Service
(460 Park Ave., 6F, NYC)

Korean Cultural Service New York proudly presents its annual performing arts program Open Stage 2013-2014, which will take place at Gallery Korea of Korean Cultural Service New York. Open Stage was born out of our earnest wishes to grant talented Korean and Korean-American emerging artists opportunities to present their talents to the broader audience in New York. It is our second year giving our performing arts series following the first series of “Open Stage 2012-2013”, which was a great success. This year, the program will feature seven distinguished performing arts goups including Hyunju Lee Dance Company, Dance Theater Chang, Gamin Ensemble,Chaeree Kaang Band, Kkumdongi Puppet Theatre, Hanmaeum Traditional Music and Dance Arts Group, and Ensemble Mise-en, that are critically selected by our judges through the annual Open Stage public contest.


This project aims to create a collaboration dance piece with the dancers from different cultures by employing Laban Movement Analysis in the process of creating a new Korean dance. The performance seeks to break down the wall between the audience and the performer through dance movements embodying the spirits of movement within stillness through the mystery of the core which harmoniously handles the energy of the universe by the control of breathing, and through the communion with those experiencing the union of the body, mind, and spirit. The program will consist of three major parts: Past with Korean traditional dance and New dance, Present with Korean Contemporary dance and Future with movement choir (improvisational dance).


Dance Theater Chang was established in June 2006 with a goal to lead Korea’s modern dance from an abstraction to a more forward and realistic choreography. The purpose for this was to combine dance with theatre in a way so that they may create a theatrical dance performance to meet with the audience. Brother, the piece choreographed by Nam Jin Kim, won numerous awards including the award for best performance at PROTHEATR 2010 Moscow Festival, and the award for best music at Uijeonbu International Music Theatre Festival 2012. This piece expresses the hurt, pain and love of the family members of the disabled who suffer isolation from the society. 

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