When you need up-to-date information on Korean culture, you turn to us, the Korean Cultural Service New York’s cultural reporters!

Starting from May 2011, we are the first class of the Korean Cultural Service New York’s cultural reporters who help promote the uniqueness of Korean culture to New York City—the world’s cultural hub.

Thus, if it’s in New York City, there isn’t a place we won’t go to report on exhibitions, fashion trends, food, art, performances, and other related events about Korean culture. We bring the best of what New York City has to offer about Korean culture and keep the public up to speed about all that is happening all within a click on our website. We just don’t summarize events—such as the recent explosive interest in KPOP—we report, interview, recommend, and list what various artists and people passionate about the culture are doing that represent Korean culture at its highest.

As cultural reporters in New York City, we first take on challenges and initiatives to report about dynamic Korean culture to the metropolitan area, but we project that we will eventually reach beyond just New Yorkers to raise awareness about Korean culture to the world.