New York, NY – The wave of K-Pop is coming to the city of New York! The 2014 Korea Day in New York, which will be held on August 15th at New York University Skirball Center and LaGuardia Place starting at 3:00 p.m. is hosted this year by the Korean Cultural Service New York, Korea Tourism Organization, Korea Health Industry Development Institute, and the Agro-Fisheries Trade Corporation.

2014 Korea Day in New York holds added meaning as it will take place on Korean Independence Day (August 15th) and it hopes to attract all those who love Korean culture. The 2014 Korea Day largely consists of two components: the booth event program that will begin at 3:00 p.m. outside Skirball Center on LaGuardia Place, and the New York K-POP Festival (also written “NY K-POP Fest”) that will begin inside Skirball Center at 6:00 p.m. The entirety of Korea Day boasts a wide range of activities and hopes to bring in an increased number of participants from previous years when only the New York K-POP Festival took the main stage.

Korea Day Booth Events

The featured booth events aim to address the growing public interest of all aspects of Korean culture. The booths will be set up inside the Skirball Center lobby and also stretch along LaGuardia Place, from West 3rd to West 4th streets. A total of 10 booths will be operating at the Korea Day event: K-Pop, Korean Traditional Culture, Korea Tourism, Korean Dramas, Korean Cosmetics & Beauty, Korean Traditional Medicine, Korean Health Services, Health Tourism, Korean Cuisine, and Korean Ingredients. Contents of the booths will include, but are not limited to Korean food sample tastings, raffle events, K-Pop goods and cosmetics giveaways, and even medical check-up opportunities among many more.

Inside the lobby of Skirball Center will hold the Traditional Korean Culture and Korean Traditional Medicine booths, offering visitors a chance to experience traditional Korean culture such as trying on hanbok, learning about Korean traditional medicine, and even receiving an acupuncture consultation and treatment.

Outdoor booths will hold contents that range from Korean popular culture to Korean food, allowing visitors the opportunities to experience contemporary Korean culture. Visitors will be able to sample different types of Korean food, learn about Korean dramas and how to watch them in the US, discover the most popular Korean beauty products, and participate in K-Pop trivia events to win various prizes.


The NY K-POP Fest had its first year in 2011, and since its inauguration has been playing an integral part in bringing K-Pop fans together from across the country. The NY K-POP Fest’s Final Showdown on the stage of Skirball Center acts as the preliminary round for the World K-POP Festival. The winner of the Final Showdown will be awarded a special gift as well as the coveted opportunity to participate in the World K-POP Festival stage in this upcoming October in South Korea.

The ongoing preliminary K-Pop Contest calls for talented K-Pop fans to record a video of themselves dancing and/or singing for the preliminary round. Having reviewed a large volume of applicants, a professional panel of judges has selected 8 vocal or dance performance submissions to go through to the Final Showdown. The 8 teams will compete to win the 2014 NY K-POP Fest on August 15th. The submission period for the preliminary round has officially ended on July 20th, 2014.

Through the K-Pop Festival Facebook page (facebook.com/nykpopfest) and the Korean Cultural Service New York’s homepage (koreanculture.org), K-Pop fans are able to participate in two of our NY K-Pop Fest Pre-Events. For the Pre-Events, fans can upload a video of themselves lip-syncing to K-Pop music and/or design a poster and write in their favorite K-Pop artist or group in Korean. The Pre-Events will be held from July 1st to August 3rd, 2014.

The Director of Korean Cultural Service New York, Woo-Sung Lee, shared that “Through K-Pop, an increasing number of people have developed an interest in Korean culture. 2014 Korea Day in New York will without a doubt broaden the public’s understanding of Korea as a whole. The Korean Cultural Service will continue to introduce an increasing number of creative Korean cultural contents in order to expand the public interest of Korean culture in the US.”

Ticket information:

The admission for Korea Day in New York is free, however those who wish to view the 2014 NY K-POP Festival event at 6:00 p m are required to have a wristband to ensure a seat inside Skirball Center. Wristbands will be distributed on the corner of West 3rd street and LaGuardia Place beginning at 3:00 p m. Receiving a wristband is the only way we can guarantee you a seat for the K-POP Festival. When we begin to open doors for the performance, entering the event will be on a first come first serve basis.

Please remember that wristbands are only for those who wish to view the NY K-POP Festival. Wristbands are not necessary to take part in the booth activities.