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The Jamaica Center for Arts & Learning (JCAL) is dedicated to encouraging public participation in the arts and contributing to the cultural enrichment of Queens and the greater metropolitan area through its visual, performing and literary arts, arts education and artist programs.

In collaboration with Korean Cultural Service New York (KCSNY), JCAL designed JCAL-KCSNY Workspace Artist 2012-13 to support an artist in his/her creation and presentation of new works. The program provides an emerging artist with a private, 750-square-foot, non-living studio space and access to JCAL's office and studio facilities (computer, ceramics and painting) for a period of 12 months from July 1, 2012 through June 30, 2013. The artist is awarded a stipend up to $5,000 and offered a one-person exhibition in JCAL’s gallery at the conclusion of residency.

The secure, private studio is located on the third floor of JCAL’s newly renovated building. It features three large windows with northern light exposure, track lighting, storage space, wall spaces for large-scale paintings and blackout shades for photography or projection. Lavatory facilities and a telephone are in close proximity.

The resident artist has access to the studio from 9 am - 5 pm, Tuesday - Friday and 9 am – 2 pm, Saturday. Operation hours are subject to change. The resident artist is encouraged to engage in conversations with JCAL visitors and art professionals through open studios, slide talks, workshops and gallery talks.

Application Review

Applications for the workspace program are reviewed by a panel of visual arts professionals. The panel includes artists, curators, collectors and gallery directors. Selection of the artist is based on the strength of work and the ability to use the studio productively.

Application Eligibility
Emerging artists of Korean descendent living within commutable distance from JCAL (including New York City’s five boroughs, Nassau and Suffolk counties) are eligible. The prospective artist requires English proficiency in order to garner the full benefits of the program. College or graduate students are not eligible. All media are considered for acceptance, including sculpture, painting, printmaking, ceramic, digital art, mixed media, installation art, and video. However, safety-concerned or health-hazardous studio practices are not permitted. These practices include, but are not necessarily limited to, welding and the use of toxic materials.

Application Deadline
The postmarked deadline is June 1st, 2012. Applications postmarked or submitted after the deadline will not be considered. Applications that are faxed or e-mailed will not be accepted. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed. There are no exceptions.

Application Components
Note: All written documents must be typed on 8 ½” x 11” paper. The font size must be 12 point. The name of artist must be shown on all pages of written documents. Application components include:
  1. Completed application form (enclosed in this guideline).
  2. Visual representation of sample works in CD-ROM or DVD (See Visual Appendices, below, for more information).
  3. Separate script of sample works that includes the artist’s name, title of work, date of work, media and dimension. A brief note in one or two sentences may be included for each sample work.
  4. Artist’s resume, including exhibition record, bibliography, professional affiliation and education.
  5. Artist’s statement about artwork (limited to 250 words).
  6. Proposal about the project the artist will pursue during the residency period and any special equipment required (limited to 250 words).
  7. A project budget not exceeding $5,000.
  8. Proof of residency in New York Metropolitan area (a copy of driver license or electronic bill)
  9. Include a SASE with sufficient return postage. Applications without a SASE will not be returned.
  10. SASE postcard to confirm receipt of your application. Please note: if you do not receive a postcard, JCAL did not receive your application. Due to a large response, JCAL is not able to accept inquiries related to the application.

Visual Appendices of Sample Works

1. For Spatial Arts

  • You may submit up to 6 images of spatial work that belongs to categories of painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, ceramics or installation art.
  • You must submit the images in JPEG files on a CD.
  • Do not submit TIFFs, PDFs, Word or Access files or any other non-JPEG formats. Slides, hardcopies or photographs will not be considered.
  • Save the images in a maximum image size of 1200 pixels on the length of an image. The image information must not exceed 2 MB per image.
  • All images must be numbered with your name sequentially (1-up to 6) to correspond to your script
  • A separate numbered image script containing the artist’s name, title of work, date of work, media and dimension, as well as one or two sentences explaining each image.
  • CD must be labeled with the artist’s name and the number of selections.

2. For Time-based Arts

  • Sample works of time-based arts, such as performance, video or animation must be submitted in DVD.
  • The selections must be saved in QuickTime movie.
  • A total of three selections may be put on a DVD ROM totaling up to 6 minutes of running time.
  • A corresponding script of sample works must include the artist’s name, title of the work, date of work, length of work, sound or silent, and other necessary information. You may briefly describe or explain each work in one or two sentences.
  • DVD must be labeled with the artist’s name, list of selections, dates of creation, length of work and sound or silent.

3. For Works of Virtual Space

  • Sample works of virtual space, such as a work of web art, must be submitted on a DVD-ROM.
  • The DVD-ROM must be marked with the artist’s name, title of web project, date of creation and programs required to run the project.
  • A total of three selections may be recorded on a DVD-ROM.
  • A script of each project must accompany the DVD-ROM, including the artist’s name, title of the project, date of creation and programs required to run the project. You may briefly describe or explain each work in one or two sentences.
  • The interface among various sites and pages is the artist’s responsibility. It is strongly recommended that the DVD-ROM be tested in both PC and MAC platforms prior to submission. JCAL is not responsible for a broken link between sites and pages.
  • DVD must be labeled with the artist’s name, the number of selections and the required program to run the selections. 

Submit Completed Application to:
Jamaica Center for Arts & Learning
Re.: JCAL-KCSNY Workspace Artist 2012-2013
161-04 Jamaica Avenue
Jamaica, NY 11432
Acceptance Notification
The selected artist will be notified no later than June 10, 2012.

JCAL is accessible via the E, F, J and Z subway lines, more than 10 bus lines and the Long Island Railroad. For complete directions, visit

Click Here to Download Guideline and Application Form