The opening reception of Desired Sync is postponed.

The reception of this exhibition will be on Tuesday, May 15th from 6pm to 8pm with twenty-two contributed artists, designers and invited personages at Gallery Korea of the Korean Cultural Service New York.

The exhibition will hold from May 10th to June 15th as scheduled.

Opening reception and book launch: Tuesday, May 15, 6 – 8pm

Organized by Korean Cultural Service NY
Presented by I:M, The Institute of Multidisciplinarity for Art, Architecture and Design


The Korean Cultural Service NY and the Institute of Multidisciplinarity for Art, Architecture and Design (I:M) are pleased to present the exhibition, Desired Sync, [global] Crisis & Design ver.1.5 . Curated by New York-based architects Changhak Choi and K-Chan Zoh, the exhibition enlisted twenty-two young Korean designers and artists in New York City to envision solutions to issues surrounding various contemporary global crises. The exhibition features ten works, including one interdisciplinary team project, that speak to this increasingly relevant and transformative topic. The works featured in the exhibition examine the substance of global crises and envision various solutions addressing today’s challenges. Proposed by design professionals in urban planning, architecture, landscape architecture, fashion, graphic and interactive technology design, each project offers a unique perspective on today’s global concerns and furthers debate on the definition of crisis—from human issues to the built environment. These projects, as a collection of ideas and provocations, do not necessarily aim at an ultimate definition or solution to the issues, but rather to create a network for the exchange of ideas and new models for interactive synergistic thinking. Ideas from diverse disciplines provide different approaches and proposals—conceptual or practical, natural or artificial, matter or non-matter, physical or psychological. Interdisciplinary connection is facilitated and new thoughts conceptualized beyond these multiplicities to foster productive dialogues.

Featured Designers & Artists

Jeeyong AN & Sang Hwa LEE, Architect / Sang Hee AN, Interior Designer / Taewook CHA, Landscape Architect / Yuyeon CHO, Graphic designer / Changhak CHOI, Architect / Hyojin CHOI, Shoe Designer / Gahee HA, Fashion Designer/ Gyu Jin HWANG, Architect / Biyoung Heo, Landscape Architect / Yiji HONG, Artist / Hwayong JUNG, Interactive Media Artist / Da Yeon KIM, Architect / Dongil KIM & Seojoo LEE, Architect / Jeewon KIM, Fashion Designer / Hyeyon PARK, Visual Artist / Jiwon PARK, Graphic designer / Sue Gyeong SYN, Interactive Media Artist / Keunhyung YOOK, Architect / Hangman ZO & Jiyoung SEO, Architect