Nature’s Tempo: Signs, Lines and Shapes

November 13 – December 18, 2013
Gallery Korea of the Korean Cultural Service NY
Opening Reception: Wednesday, November 13, 2013 at 6–8PM     
The Korean Cultural Service of NY is proud to present the last exhibition of this year. “Nature’s Tempo: Signs, Lines and Shapes” gathers works with the common theme of nature and time, and how their linkage affects our lives. From the duration of videos to the number of minutes we stand in front of an artwork, the way we interact has both external and natural influences. The visual results bring to the audience a chance to reflect on finding their own place in life. The commentary on environmental issues and interpretations of nature by seven artists will include videos, photography and sculpture pieces. The exhibit will have the most video installations that Gallery Korea has ever shown before. A wide range of signs, line and shapes will be portrayed though this new approach to show different representations communicated through various mediums.

The participating artists are: Elly Cho, Yoko Fukushima, Yiji Hong, Jin Hong Kim, Inmi Lee, Jei Ryung Lee, and Annalisa Vobis.

Korean Cultural Center New York

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