The Call for Artists 2015 Exhibition: Space in 36.5°C

Wednesday, November 18 – Friday, December 18, 2015
Gallery Korea of the Korean Cultural Service NY
Opening Reception: Thursday, November 19, 2015 at 6 – 8PM     



The Korean Cultural Service New York is pleased to present the second Call for Artist exhibition of 2015, Space in 36.5°C.

Gallery Korea, along with a panel of professional judges who are actively working in the New York art field, selected six artists to be featured in the group show: Eunsun Choi, Soohyun Hong, Seoryang Kim, Jeongeun Lee, Michael Sangwon Lee and Jihwan Park.

The gathered artworks of Space in 36.5°C intersect under the broad theme of ‘space’— including both the physical and psychological extent that materials can exist. Although infinite and boundless, the three dimensional space can be shaped and interpreted differently by how it is perceived by each viewer. Thus, the concept space used in the art inevitably acts also as a reflective mode, as the notion of humanity; in turn, we arrive at 36.5°C (98°F, the average human body temperature).

Through various artworks including interactive art, installation works, photography, and paintings, the range of how the concept of space can be used will be reflected in this exhibition. Detailed information about the exhibition will be available on the website at

Korean Cultural Center New York

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