1. Why Spotlight Korea?

With the world at our fingertips, it is important for our students who are the future leaders of our global society to be given opportunities to explore different cultures. Providing educational programs that introduce different cultures is especially important for New York City students since fellow classmates come from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Representing one of the world’s most colorful cultures, the Spotlight Korea program is designed to engage and raise awareness about interesting cultural facts about Korea to local public schools specifically through the medium of music and dance workshops. By participating in a Korean culture course or engaging in extracurricular programs, students will have the opportunity to interact with teaching artists as they learn about Korean folklore music (samulnori, gayaguem,etc.) or traditional dances (buchaechum, sogochum, etc). These experiences will allow students to gain an in-depth understanding and acquire new knowledge and experiences about one of the world’s vibrant cultures.

Spotlight Korea is not only an educational program that begins to allow students to understand how diverse, but connected they are to one another, but it will also enable them to generate new points of views.

2. What is Spotlight Korea?

Spotlight Korea is an educational program which sends one to four Korean traditional dancers or musicians, to K-12 public schools in New York City and New Jersey as teaching artists during the period of September 2013 to June 2014.

Teaching artists will demonstrate examples of either musical or dance performances for the students. For example, teaching artists for Korean dance will show fan dances, small drum dances, and other traditional dances to the students while teaching artists for Korean music will showcase Korean drumming and play traditional string instruments. Both teaching artists for dance and music will teach students basic dance and music steps (such as arm and leg movements along with keeping in rhythm to traditional beats) as a way of understanding the influences of Korean history and cultural taking root within its dance and music.

(What is a teaching artist? A teaching artist or "artist-teacher" is an artist who teaches and integrates their art form into arts and non-arts curricula.)

3. How Does Spotlight Korea Work?
Honorariums and transportation costs will be fully covered by the Korean Cultural Service NY. Eligible teaching artists of either music or dance genres will coordinate each class and/or workshop session. Teaching artists will be carefully screened and selected by the Korean Cultural Service NY and Lotus Music & Dance via a strict application process.

Spotlight Korea expects to hold two programs (see below for details).
  1. Plan A is a program structured for public schools with little to no exposure of Korean culture.
    Plan A
    ▪ A 45-50 min long assembly program on Korean traditional music or dance will be given. There will be a lecture demonstration by teaching artists and an opportunity for hands-on participation with some of the students.
    ▪ The class will be given in an auditorium setting as a part of the regular music or dance class.
  2. Plan B is more suitable for schools with prior or greater exposure to Korean culture.
    Plan B
    ▪ A 6-10 week long residency program on Korean traditional music or dance which can lead to having the students create their own performances based on what they have learned will be given.
    ▪ The class will be given in a class room setting as a part of an after school program.

4. Application Requirements for Teaching Artist
  • Teaching artists can be an individual or a team (2 to 4 performers) as demonstrable skills/training and professional experience in the performing arts particularly in Korean traditional dance or music over the 3 years.
  • Teaching artists can be an individual or a team (2-4 performers) who hold B.A or M.F.A degree with Korean traditional music or dance field majoring or
  • Teaching artists can be an individual or a team (2-4 performers) who have experienced working as teaching artists for K-12 students (publicly or privately) in Korean traditional music and dance.
  • Teaching artists should be applicable at least one qualification above three conditions.
  • Teaching artists must lead the class in fluent English.
  • Teaching artists can apply for both Plan A and Plan B.

5. How to apply
Documents and Materials for the Submission: The application must be filled out in a prescribed format. Please download it from the Korean Cultural Service New York website.

  • Completed application form
  • Work Samples(Video, Audio, Photos, etc)
  • Other materials if applicable

Please submit the attached application and Materials by 5PM, August 9(Friday), EDT.
All correspondence and application forms should be addressed to
Korean Cultural Service New York
460 Park Avenue 6th Floors, New York, NY 10022
Phone: (212) 759 9550 x206
Fax: (212) 688 8640

6. Important dates

  • August 9, 2013: teaching artist application postmark deadline
  • August 12-16, 2013: in person interview for finalists.
  • August 23, 2013: notification of selected teaching artists

7. Etcetera
All information contained in this document was correct at the time of publication. However, the Korean Cultural Service NY reserves the right to make changes if circumstances dictate otherwise.