Patricia Lee (Founder, BOBO Wrapping Scarf Company; Author of The Wrapping Scarf Revolution)

From time immemorial, Koreans have been wrapping and carrying goods with fabric wraps called Bojagi. Koreans believed that the careful wrapping of objects not only show respect but also bring luck and good fortune. Rich, poor, young, or old, everyone uses Bojagi in the wrapping of items. This lecture is a presentation of how this ancient Korean tradition is not only a vestige of the past but actually a practical and highly relevant to live a more sustainable and environmentally conscious lifestyle.

The Clean Air Council tells us that in the United States alone, an additional five million tons of waste is generated during the winter holidays and four million tons of this is disposable wrapping paper and shopping bags. Bojagi wrapping reduces waste while still celebrating the great human tradition of exchanging beautifully and thoughtfully wrapped gifts.

Patricia Lee will present an overview of the traditional ways that Koreans used Bojagi throughout the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910) and also share some examples on simple ways we can incorporate the Bojagi lifestyle into our daily living. There will be an opportunity to try Bojagi wrapping yourself and experience this ingenious ancient handicraft.

Limited enrollment. Advanced reservation required. Call (212) 759-9550