An “educational donation” to our New York/New Jersey Korean community, Edonation Project (“Edonation”) is having a free information session on college admissions for high school students, on Saturday, September 28th!

The 4th College Admissions Information Session, this time will proceed with (1) a series of short lectures by students from Columbia, Cooper Union, NYU, Notre Dame, among others, and (2) small-group discussions where each student will try to form his/her own roadmap for the application process. Additionally, mentors will be assigned to those willing. High school students of all grade levels are welcome, as well as their parents.

◈ FOR WHOM : High school students aiming for top colleges & their parents


  • Part I. A for Admission (Mini-lectures)
    - What they really want to see in your application
    - “Yup, that’s how I did it!”—tips for exams and extracurriculars

  • Part II. What’s my Fit? (Small Groups)
    - Majors, majors, majors… and what about career?
    - “Ask your Hyung/Nuna/Unni/Oppa!”—a mentoring session

◈ WHEN : Saturday, September 28th, 2:00PM – 6:00PM

◈ WHERE : Hamilton Hall Room 602, Columbia University, 1130 Amsterdam Av., New York, NY

◈ “EDONORS”(재능기부자) : Students at Columbia, Cooper Union, NYU, University of Notre Dame

◈ RSVP :

◈ QUESTIONS :, 646-896-4331

※ SAT II Subject Tests Classes start the next day—RSVP for SAT II Subject Tests