This is a nine week program that teaches the unique culture and benefits of tea.  The program will run as workshops in the sense the students will participate in the acts of tasting, making and offering tea during each week along with other relevant activities of the week.  Each week we will taste different types of tea, and the relevant topics will be discusses and practiced and experienced over tea.  The programs are divided into three large topics, so the students can advance into next topic after each three weeks.  

Tea and Me
Tasting Tea:  experiencing the color, aroma, taste and feel of a cup of tea
Making Tea:  practicing the ritual of making tea.
Offering Tea:  making tea part of daily living.

Tea and Health
Body:  the benefits of tea for the body.
Mind:  the benefits of tea for the mind.
Spirit:  the benefits of tea for the spirit.

Tea and Meditation
Essence:  tea and the practice of strengthening the essence.
Chi:  tea and the practice of nurturing the chi.
Spirit:  tea and the practice of enriching the spirit