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All lectures will be given in English.

  • Series I. Aesthetics of Asian Art Collectors at the Turn of the 20th Century
    Wednesday, November 14, 6-7:30PM
    Lecturer: Dr. Kyung Hee Pyun

    Place: Korean Cultural Service NY

Art collections established by prominent American enthusiasts of Asian culture can be analyzed in the context of anti-modernism prevalent among the bourgeoisie who profited from the post-Civil War economic prosperity. This paper demonstrates how a taste of anti-modernism stemmed from the nostalgia to reclaim moral and aesthetic values lost during the period of rapid industrialization and why it inspired some art patrons to collect exotic art of remote places such as China, Japan, Korea, as well as the Middle East.

  • Series II. Ceramics from Goryeo (918-1392) and Joseon (1392-1910) dynasty, Korea
    Wednesday, November 28, 6-7:30PM
    Lecturer: KeumJa Kang

    Place: Korean Cultural Service NY

On the Korean ceramics of Goryeo and Joseon Dynasty, the AHL Foundation will hold a lecture by KeumJa Kang, a premier art dealer and leading expert on Korean fine art in New York City. During the Goryeo Dynasty (918-1392), arts and culture flourished under the patronage of Buddhism and the aristocracy, and tremendous amounts of celadons were produced. During the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910), Confucianism became a state religion and philosophy. Under the Royal Court’s supervision, highly skilled craftsman produced more blue and white porcelains. In this lecture, Mrs. Kang will share her in-depth knowledge of Korean ceramics, along with her 32 years of hands-on experience as an art dealer in the U.S. and European markets.

  • Series III. Two roots of Korean wave: Korean spirituality and aesthetics 
    Tuesday, December 18, 6-7:30PM
    Lecturer: Dr. Hyun Kyung Chung

    Place: Korean Cultural Service NY
The Korean wave has rapidly spread to Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and America. What is moving the hearts of the world? The lecture will offer an opportunity to discuss, meditate, and communicate about the power of the Korean wave while looking for spirituality and aesthetics as an unconscious origin of the phenomenon. Dr. Hyun Kyung Chung is a Korean Christian theologian. She is a lay theologian of the Presbyterian Church of Korea, and is also an Associate Professor of Ecumenical Theology at the Union Theological Seminary in the U.S.A.