By Dr. Yukyung Baik (Movie-induced tourism specialist), Mia Carla Lerda (Creative Consultant)
Free Admission: RSVP @ (212) 756-8010

Habitual menus that are handed down from generation to generation grace the Korean family table without much forethought. Within our talk, we will explore the varied history of these very meals.

Our audience will witness cultural traditions taking place during meals and dish ingredients which are at many times the core of a family's soul. There will be some surprising similarities of Korean cuisine and Italian cuisine.

For 2010 lecture, Dr. Baik has interviewed ‘Han Bokryeo’ who was a food consultant in ‘Jewel in the palace’ to research ‘Korean royal cuisine’ and personally practice at ‘Institute of Korean Royal Cuisine’. Just hearing the lecture you leave you with some ideas why you have to take some pride whenever you partake in Korean food.  Also, you can explore ‘Daejanggeum‘ Trail with Dr. Baik.

In gathering modern mediums like Television and Cinema we can provide insight to the harmony on the Korean table. All popular series have some sort of food theme. These shows are either based around the subject of food/hospitality services or are historical reenactments depicting scenes of cuisine being consumed by characters.  One such series that we will focus on embodies the special aspect of food preparation, handling, and serving. Known in the US as ‘Jewel in the Palace’, the food and locations used will remind us all of the true dynamic of Korean cuisine.

Experience how it is to eat like a King or Queen for one meal.