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Sing! Dance! Live!
A global omnibus performance communicating with the world by embracing the tradition and modern


Nori (literally meaning ‘play’ in Korean) is a culturally unique expression of Korean music and performance. In traditional Korean music terms, the word “nori” itself signifies the spirit of traditional Korean music which is life, singing, and dancing. With this spirit of Korean music, the musical Nori develops a way to fuse traditional Korean music with the ethnic music of 5 other countries within the frame of Korean music performances and instrumentations.

‘Nori’ comes to the world: Korean traditional music meets music of the world.

Art from countries around the world (Bali in Indonesia, Burkina Faso in West Africa, Madrid in Spain, Trinidad and Tobago in South America, and the United States) will join Korea’s unique rhythm, dance, and singing, creating a fascinating charm for the audience.

Let’s play together!

‘Nori’ is an interactive theatre performance made complete with the participation of and communication with the audience. Every performer and audience member will come together to create this exciting performance that blends tradition and the modern, Korea and the world, and across different generations.

A new sound is created -- with the sounds from all around the world presented by Korean instruments like the ajaeng, taepyeongso, and gayageum. - With in News

This performance is recommended for anyone who wants to indulge in the pure excitement of music and dance. Even when you leave the theater, you will be tempted to continue to tap your feet to the rhythm. - News Culture


Four members of the Seoul Performing Arts Company - Ingu, Yeongsin, Sanghyeon, and Yeongdu - have been training with a mission of staging a production that can represent Korean art, and through this project are given an opportunity to visit five different cities and to learn the dance and the music of those countries.

The first place they visit is Bali, famous for a form of Indonesian dance called Kecak. While the four members are learning Kecak, they try adding Korean rap to the traditional Kecak. Meanwhile, Ingu disappears leaving behind only a message.

The remaining three members arrive in Burkina Faso in West Africa, and they are greeted by a family of musicians. They learn the African dance and music, and Yeongdu falls in love with their daughter, Fanta.

Then, they leave for Madrid, and there they are joined by Ingu who has been at an art school in Madrid. Under the guidance of the passionate teachers at the school, the members learn flamenco and the Spanish guitar.

Next, they arrive in Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean where everyone is busy getting ready for the carnival. The four members join a steel drum band, and to play with them in the carnival, they must learn to play the drums. However, Sanghyeon hears the sad news that his mother has passed away. Realizing that his mother would have wanted him to finish his training, he leaves for New York City with the other members. In New York, they visit the most famous jazz club where they learn about the freedom and soul in music. With that, their journey ends, and they return to Seoul, where they create a performance that transcends the boundary between tradition and contemporary, and of different cultures and arts. They decide to title the piece, Nori.

For more information and to purchase tickets, please contact NYU Skirball Center for the Performing Arts at 888-611-8183 or NY Radio Korea at 718-358-9300 ext 120.