Korean Cultural Service NY (directed by Woo Sung Lee) received applications starting from September 1 - September 30 2013 for funding Taekwondo uniforms for American public schools which implemented Taekwondo as part of their official course instructions in 2013.

Director Woo Sung Lee of Korean Cultural Service NY (KCSNY) stated "We decided to fund schools with Taekwondo uniforms because of the way Taekwondo instruction in American public school systems have contributed to globalizing Taekwondo." Based on the KCSNY’s 2013 budget, support for Taekwondo uniforms will be provided to schools that have applied.

To apply for funding, applicants are to go to the KCSNY’s website and download an application. Completed applications with the school, class schedule, number of students, and school contract for a Taekwondo course are to be attached with the form.

The deadline for Taekwondo uniform funding is September 30 and selections will be made after a brief judging session based on the KCSNY’s available budget. For further information, please contact KCSNY 212-759-9550 (ext. 208) sports@koreanculture.org.