On June 12, a North Korean Taekwondo demonstration team (directed by Neung Man Bae and invited to America by director Woo Jin Jung of the United States Taekwondo Times) presented North Korean style Taekwondo techniques to the International Taekwon-Do Federationathletes and 800 other Queens residents at College Points’ Maurice Fitzgerald Gymnasiumas a part of the Goodwill Tour 2011.

While the North Korean Taekwondo demonstration team has previously performed on the West Coast in 2007, this was the first time they presented in New York. On the 12th, another demonstration was held in Boston as well with both the American flag and North Korean flag positioned side by side at the front of the gymnasium. At the New York demonstration, correspondents from both Korea as well as other international news agencies, such as CNN (America) and Japan’s NTV, were present to document the event showing keen interest on North Korean Taekwondo techniques.