Supporting the Completion of a Taekwondo Course in an American Public School Director Woo Sung Lee of Korean Cultural Service NY visited The Equity Project Charter School (February 15th) and the Silver Run/Rieck Avenue Elementary school to congratulate the administrators and students involved with completing a Taekwondo course in American public schools.

On February 15th, approximately 400 people (consisting of parents, guardians, school principal and Taekwondo program initiator Zeke Vanderhoek, and school manager David Weinreb) participated in congratulating the entire sixth grade class for completing a course on Taekwondo at the Equity Project (TEP) Charter School located in uptown Manhattan.

On February 18th, the entire fourth and fifth grade classes of Silver Run Elementary School and Rieck Avenue Elementary school (of South Jersey) were awarded a course completion ceremony that celebrated 300 students’achievements. Over 600 parents along with Millville Mayor Tim Shannon, Silver Run principal Dr. Pamela Moore, Rieck Avenue principal Dr. Brian Robinson, and correspondents from major Korean broadcasting networks (KBS, SBS, MBC) were all present to congratulate the students on completing a Taekwondo course at their schools in southern New Jersey.